Microsoft says Surface Pro 4 has experienced ‘unprecedented demand’ since launch

Laurent Giret

Surface Pro 4

Could the Surface Pro 4 be Microsoft’s most successful Surface ever? According to a new report by CRN, Microsoft is currently experiencing “exceptional demand” for its Surface Pro 4 as some UK resellers are complaining from shortages of high-end i7 versions of the hybrid tablet. Microsoft’s Windows and Surface Business Group lead Ryan Asdourian explained the situation to CRN:

“While we are not happy that we can meet all demand today, we are really excited about the customer interest and demand that this demonstrates. Our goal is to make sure everyone who wants a Surface Pro 4 is able to get one, so we are working hard to expedite and produce those machines as fast as possible and as soon as we do that we will make sure we are getting them out to our resellers and distributors.”

The Surface Pro 4 is retailing between £1,299 and £1,799 in the UK, and the two-in-one device seems to be a popular buy among creatives and company executives as one Microsoft Authorised Device Reseller told CRN: “You often get the directors buying themselves the i7s and then buying staff the i5s, which is the run-rate business”. Asdourian told CRN’s sister publication the Inquirer that Microsoft is seeing “unprecedented demand” for some versions of the Surface Pro 4, saying:

“On the Surface Pro 4s, I think one of the things this shows is the customer excitement in the fact we are having trouble producing them fast enough to meet customer demand”

Microsoft’s flagship tablet has been reviewed as the best iteration of the formula, and while the device has been plagued with software and sleep issues that the company is still working to fix, hybrids device like the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro are clearly leading the “detachable tablet” revolution as their shipments more than doubled in Q4 2015 according to IDC.

As Microsoft will finally start shipping its Surface Book hybrid laptop to some European markets starting tomorrow, we’re really hoping the company will be able to resolve this supply issues as soon as possible. By the way, if you’re interested in the Surface Pro 4, remember that the US Microsoft Store is currently offering a $100 discount on some models until February 27.