Microsoft rolls out massive update, now a smarter search engine


Microsoft rolls out massive update, now a smarter search engine

Microsoft has rolled out a big update to the Bing search engine, making the service much smarter than before. Bing is no longer just a website where you can enter a query and get a result. In fact, Bing takes things several steps further and aims to enhance your search experience and hopefully help expand your understanding of the world.

“At Bing we are committed to giving you the most relevant search results possible. In addition we also strive to provide direct information about the entities that you search for, e.g., people, places, and things, based on our understanding of those entities and their relationships stored in Bing’s knowledge repository called Satori,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Here are the key features of this new update:

  • TED Talks: If you search for someone who has given a TED talk, Bing will now showcase it in the Snapshot pane.
  • Famous speeches and national anthems: Bing will now showcase influential audio clips delivered by famous people directly in the Snapshot pane.
  • Online Courses: When you search for a University, Bing will showcase the popular online courses available on the Web from leading universities like Harvard and Stanford directly in the search results.
  • See How Universities Stack Up: Bing now provides the ranking and other information of top schools right in the Snapshot pane.
  • Scientific Concepts: Enter a scientific theory and Bing will highlight a snippet in the search results.
  • Historic Events: When you enter in a historic event or era, Bing will showcase a short summary, related people, important dates, and links to learn more.
  • Related People: You can now see a “why” people are related by hovering over the related people images in the Snapshot section.
  • Animal Research: When you search for animals, Bing will show you relevant subspecies so you can quickly narrow down your search.
  • Ask Bing: You can type in a query in the from of a question and Bing will use natural language understanding to give you an educated answer.
  • Quickly Find App and Software Downloads: Search for an app or software and Bing will showcase a description of the software, related options and present you with the top trusted sources for safe downloads.

Head over to to try out these new features.