Microsoft Rewards “coming soon” to the UK

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is Microsoft’s combination of Bing Rewards and Xbox Rewards, bringing its rewards scheme under one name, with more features. The transition has been slow, with it initially only being available in the United States, available for a short time in India, before rolling out to Australia 3 weeks ago.

Now, it looks as if Microsoft is gearing up to bring Microsoft Rewards to the United Kingdom. When visiting the Microsoft Account page, with the website location set to ‘United Kingdom’ and logged-in to a UK account, the site has the following now showing above the gift card balance:

Microsoft Rewards UK - Join Now

Take note of the ‘Join now’ option. Clicking this takes you to the following page, which states that it is “coming soon”:

Microsoft Rewards UK Coming Soon

Microsoft Rewards has been a long-awaited opportunity for Microsoft’s UK consumer customers, as currently the UK is stuck with Xbox Rewards, which we’re sure most will agree, is not really all that… well, rewarding. Bing Rewards is also not an option in the UK.

Would you like to see Microsoft Rewards available in the UK? Let us know your thoughts below!