Microsoft Rewards begins changeover from Bing with new Windows 10 notifications

Arif Bacchus

Back on August 17th, Microsoft announced that it would be changing Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards. At the time the Redmond giant was relatively vague as to when the switch over to the new rewards program would begin happening, but it appears now that steps are in place and the changeover has begun (via WinSuperSite):

Microsoft Rewards notification (Image from WinSuperSite)

WinSuperSite, running a Windows 10 machine with Build 14393.82, received Microsoft Rewards notifications in the Action Center under the title “From Microsoft.” While “notifications From Microsoft” is not necessarily new, the Rewards notifications are new. They also apparently showed up after a Windows Store purchase, and when clicked, linked to the Microsoft Account homepage and a new tab called Rewards.

So, have you noticed any notifications from Microsoft Rewards in your system’s Action Center? As always, please let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.