Microsoft reveals Surface RT sequel called Surface 2, comes in silver


Surface 2

During Microsoft’s Surface press event today in New York City, the devices and services giant unveiled the Surface 2, powered by Windows 8.1 RT. 

Microsoft’s Panos Panay took the stage and unveiled the Surface 2. This device is the “revamp people need” according to Panay. “When the team set out to deliver Surface RT … they had a vision. We had a vision. We went out to create a product that people can buy and get away from just consumption.”

The Surface 2 comes in silver, and is thinner, lighter, and faster compared to the Surface RT. The Surface 2 also features Full HD. “This is the fastest product I’ve used relatively to a personal tablet,” Panos added.

Microsoft has increased the CPU speed “dramatically” and revamped the Surface 2 so consumers can see the true power of the device. Microsoft has also added the Surface logo, so you can brag about what device you have.

The Surface 2 features a full 1080p ClearType display, as well as USB 3.0 and a Tegra 4 CPU. 

“A year ago we launched this product with Windows 8. We’re launching with 8.1. The power of 8.1 comes to life in full in this product,” Panay added. He also states that this device doesn’t slow down, in fact, there is nothing that slows it down.