Microsoft reveals new TypeScript language, is a superset of JavaScript


Microsoft has revealed a new language called TypeScript, which is a super-set of JavaScript. Basically, TypeScript combines combines type checking and static analysis, explicit interfaces, and best practices into a single language and compiler.


“With HTML5, the standards web platform has become significantly more compelling for delivering rich user experiences. At the same time, the reach of JavaScript has continued to expand, going beyond the browser to include native device apps (e.g. Windows Store apps for Windows 8), applications in the cloud (e.g. node.js running on Windows Azure), and more. With these developments, we’re starting to see applications of unprecedented size written with JavaScript, despite the fact that creating large-scale JavaScript applications is hard. TypeScript makes it easier,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. TypeScript will be perfect for those who wish to write large applications. For example, TypeScript is perfect for writing client-side JavaScript to run on Windows, Internet Explorer, and other browsers and operating systems, or even Windows Azure. Not only is TypeScript open, but also all JavaScript is, in essence, TypeScript. This pretty much means that you can literally copy-and-paste from an existing JavaScript program into a TypeScript file. Head over to the source link for a more in-depth look at TypeScript and to download preview bits of the new language.