Microsoft Research introduces “exergame” SwimTrain

Arif Bacchus

We live in a world where technology is always advancing for the better of humanity, and today we’ve just discovered some more proof for that testament. Microsoft Research is introducing a new  SwimTrain “exergame” technology which will reflect the characteristic of group fitness swimming.

Developed together by both The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Microsoft Research Asia, the project is an app for a smartphone. Ultimately, when the phone is used with a waterproof case and a pair of underwater headphones, the app will let swimmers join virtual teams to cooperate and compete. SwimTrain will also use all the built-in smartphone tech to evaluate progress, coordinate a team, and provide sensory feedback, keeping the swim “train” running, and entertained, all while getting fit.

On the technical side, the project functions by mapping swimmers into virtual train cars and allowing them to pace through three distinct phases: the competitive phase, the cooperative phase, and the rest phase. To prevent information overload, however, each swimmer is only given information from immediately ahead and behind.

This technology is no doubt very interesting and is just the latest project from the Microsoft Research team. As we previously have reported, back a few weeks ago, the same team also revealed a new smart tattoo technology.