Microsoft reportedly planning a big Cloud First re-org for July 5th

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft has been living the “mobile first, cloud first” mantra almost ever since Satya Nadella took over as CEO three years ago, but now it seems poised to re-org the company to better reflect its “cloud first” roots.

According to a (paywalled) report in the Puget Sound Business Journal (via Windows IT Pro), the company is expected to reveal the re-org on July 5th, making somewhat of a big splash right after the US Independence Day holiday.

Microsoft has been doing well with Azure, solidifying a second place position behind industry leader Amazon Web Services, and the company continues to push the benefits of the cloud, especially when tied to Office 365 and Windows, but working across a number of platforms.

Where this leaves the “mobile first” part of the equation is still yet to be revealed, as although there are consistent rumors of some kind of a Surface mobile device in the works, Microsoft’s main mobile strategy at the moment seems to be to get Microsoft services on iOS and Android, and to squeeze the last remaining bits of life out of Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia.

We’ll keep you posted of course on all the latest from Microsoft as news breaks.