Microsoft removes reference to Microsoft To-Do, the successor to Wunderlist/Project Cheshire

Abhishek Baxi

Yesterday we reported that on a page talking about Cortana on official Windows website, a small text mentions hitherto unknown product name – Microsoft To-Do.

With integration of Office 365, Microsoft To-Do and your phone’s notifications, she’s there when you need her.

Soon after we published the post, the page has been updated and while everything stays the same, the two words – Microsoft To-Do – are removed now. So, looks like we were on to something there!

Microsoft has been silent on the progress of their simple task management, or to-do, apps. At the moment, there’s Wunderlist, Project Cheshire (in private beta at the moment), as well as Cortana Reminders. Windows users have been hoping that the long silence is a prelude to something big – a cohesive to-do app that is fully integrated with Cortana instead of duplicating functionality. Looks like, that is what Microsoft To-Do could be.

What are your thoughts on what could be the next, and better, to-do management app from Microsoft?