Microsoft removes OneGuide and TV remote options from Xbox apps

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Onsie

Microsoft updated their Xbox One consoles earlier today with its own version of the Windows 10 Creators Update but the company has also updated its numerous Xbox apps on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS, and Android devices as well.

While few new features were added with these updates, two previous ones were completely removed from the Windows 10 apps; the OneGuide tab and the TV remote control functionality. OneGuide was used to curate shows, movies, and TV channels for viewing on the console while the remote control could be used to pause and play video and even change channels. With the latest Xbox One update, the OneGuide feature remains on the console but the ability to snap live TV was removed. This coupled with the app changes could signal a gradual phasing out of support for live TV on the Xbox One but it’s also possible that Microsoft is planning to integrate television in a different way sometime in the future.

Xbox One owners are currently being encouraged to vote for a picture-in-picture mode on Microsoft’s User Voice website to show that they’re interested in multitasking TV viewing with their gaming and while the company hasn’t made a statement on the changes to the Windows 10 Xbox apps, those who miss these features should use the aforementioned website to express their interest in those as well.

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