Microsoft releases Windows Template Studio 1.6

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft yesterday announced the release of Windows Template Studio 1.6. This release finalizes Microsoft’s work for localization, includes improvements in accessibility, and also sets the stage for more support for Visual Basic. You can read below the main new features and improvements available in this release, and a more complete list of changes can be found on Github:

New Pages:

  • Image Gallery

New Features:

  • Drag and drop source
  • Web to App Link

Template improvements:

  • Minor tweaks for Fluent
  • Discovered a few pages that set background color

Improvements to the Wizard:

  • Lots of under the hood bug fixes and code improvements
  • Much more Visual Basic engine work
  • Work for supporting multiple projects in a single solution
  • Work to support Prism

There is currently a known issue with this release where after uninstalling/upgrading where you may get an error of “A value for ‘Component’ needs to be specified in the catalog.” Microsoft is recommending for developers who are facing this issue to capture the logs to help the Visual Studio Team track the issue. The company also has the following plans for the next version of Windows Template Studio:

  • Visual Basic support (In nightly)
  • Prism support (In nightly)
  • Improved update system to help increase speed of startup and file size download
  • Improved user interface in-line with Visual Studio
  • Continued refinement with Fluent design in the templates
  • Ink templates
  • Improved Right-click->add support for existing projects

As always, Visual Studio should auto update this extension. You can also force an update by going to Tools, Extensions, and updates, and then go to Update expander on the left. If the extension is not installed, you can head here and click download, then run the VSIZ installer.