Microsoft releases new "Beneath the Surface" advertisement series

Dave W. Shanahan

beneath the surface

Since the reveal of the Surface Book, Microsoft released a series of new advertisements, titled “Beneath the Surface,” showing how everyday people use the Surface Book for work and play. In “Beneath the Surface,” Jordan Crane shows how he uses the Surface Book as a comic book artist and illustrator.
Crane enjoys using the Surface Book with the Surface Pen and its PixelSense display to find the best color for a comic he might be working on. Crane remarked that the new Surface Pen feels as if you are actually drawing on the artwork itself instead of on a computer screen.

Another “Beneath the Surface” spot shows how the Surface Book helps a music teacher, Thavius Beck, as a producer, performer and music teacher. Instead of carrying around multiple instruments and heavy music equipment, Beck relies on his Surface Book with Windows 10 to help him produce and perform music in his spare time. He can also use the Surface Book to quickly transition to teaching his students in the classroom.

Microsoft is certainly using a different approach to advertising the Surface Book, but it remains to be seen if these commercials will help sell Surface Books. What do you think of Microsoft’s latest “Beneath the Surface” ad campaign? Is this a step in the right direction for the Surface Book?