Microsoft releases first big update to Windows Holographic, includes multi-tasking, Edge tabs, and more

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has just announced the first big update to Windows Holographic, the platform underlying their popular HoloLens augmented reality solution. The update marks a big step forward Microsoft’s holographic venture, and based on user feedback, brings multi-tasking, Edge tabs, more to the HoloLens experience.

The updates for Windows Holographic were first announced on the Windows Devices blog by Alex Kipman, the lead Technical Fellow at Microsoft. Highlights of the update include the following:

  • Multi-tasking – With this update, you can run multiple applications at the same time.
  • Input – You can now connect a regular Bluetooth mouse to your HoloLens device. In addition, the clicker has been fine-tuned to enable resizing and moving of holograms.
  • Voice – We’ve added new commands. Find out what happens when you gaze at a hologram and say “Face me!”
  • Edge – Edge now supports many of your feature requests such as tabs.
  • Photos – The Photos app has been updated to support pinning of pictures without any borders or chrome. Your walls will never look the same.

For more information and the full details on the update, you can watch the video above, or visit Microsoft’s documentation page for the full listing of all things HoloLens.