Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8.1 in the first two weeks of July


Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8.1 in first two weeks of July

Microsoft will roll out Windows Phone 8.1 starting next month, according to the company itself. In response to a user query asking the release date of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft India tweeted that the update will start rolling out in the first two weeks of July, and of course, it will be available to all existing Windows Phone 8 handsets.

We recently saw information about Windows Phone 8.1 listed on the update history page. Plus, some regions including Finland and Argentina have started getting the Lumia Cyan updates on their devices already.

Though, how soon the update will reach your handset depends on the manufacturer and carrier. People living in India should be able to get the update a little faster, as the smartphones are usually sold unlocked here, thus carrier doesn’t play much role. 

Nokia Lumia and other handset users might have to wait a bit longer, as the mobile manufacturer will pack operating system updates and exclusive features depending on your hardware, for example Lumia owners will be getting the Lumia Cyan update, which will most likely be pushed together.