Microsoft refunding some EA Access subscribers due to double charge

Arif Bacchus

According to a report from Venture Beat, Microsoft mistakingly double charged some people for EA Access and will be issuing refunds. The company has set up a website for the issue and is also emailing subscribers about the impending refunds.

This problem is apparently not widespread and is rather the results of a bug in the system. Subscribers who are worried are being urged to visit Microsoft’s website, check on their subscription status, and agree to have the money returned to original payment method or Microsoft account. A message on this page makes the situation clear.

“We identified a number of Microsoft accounts that are due a refund for overlapping subscriptions…This occurred if you purchased a new subscription that overlapped with one you already had.”

Some people have reported getting a $10 store credit along with their refund, so be sure to check your statements to see if you were impacted by the double charge.