Microsoft promises an FBL_AWESOME new year with Windows 10

Zac Bowden

Microsoft promises an FBL_AWESOME new year with Windows 10

Microsoft has today opened up a little more on their future plans with Windows 10, as well as unveiled a few details about how the Windows Insider Program has helped shaped Windows 10 over the last few months. According to Microsoft, the Insider Program has gained lots of momentum, with over 1.5 million registered participants and over 450 thousands ‘highly active’ users.

Not only that, but the team working on Windows 10 has made a heap load of fixes and changes based on your feedback alone. Over 1,300 bugs have been mended thanks to the continuous feedback you keep giving via the Windows Feedback app. A pat on the back for everyone indeed.

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced that they’ve got an exciting build to share in January. It’ll be part of the FBL_AWESOME branch and include a ton of UX changes and new features:

I’m itching to tell you more about stuff that’s coming. You’ll see some big things, lots of small improvements, and I hope there will be something for each of you to point to and know your influence was felt and appreciated by us. I’m confident that the next build we release will be an exciting one and will show how Windows 10 is evolving with your input.

Stay tuned as we are only a few weeks away from yet another official Windows 10 build to play with — unless of course another build manages to leak.