Microsoft promised the EU that LinkedIn APIs will remain available, reports say

Arif Bacchus

The soon to be Microsoft-owned business and employment-oriented social networking service LinkedIn has been topping headlines as of recent after it was blocked in Russia over data storage issue, and after the EU received commitments from Microsoft on their LinkedIn acquisition. Today LinkedIn has made the news once again, but this time because reports indicate Microsoft promised the EU that LinkedIn API’s will remain available (Via Reuters.)

According to a Reuters report, Microsoft will still allow LinkedIn rivals (such as SalesForce) access to its software and will also give hardware makers the option of installing other services. These “concessions” were submitted to the EU last week, and appears to be a move by the business and employment-oriented social networking  to try to win over EU approval.

Ahead of the EU’s December 6th ruling to accept’s Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, this latest news also shows Microsoft will not favor LinkedIn at the expense of rivals. Microsoft President, and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, has accepted many of the worries in regards to the LinkedIn deal and as two months ago came out to say that Microsoft has “no intention” of cutting off access to LinkedIn data.