Microsoft Project To-do is a new and simple to-do app for Windows 10

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft To-Do app

Microsoft unveiled a new Windows 10 app in the Windows Store today, Project To-do. Project To-do, also known as Project Cheshire, is not currently operational.  When you open Project To-do, the app displays a white screen with “coming soon” in the middle and Project Cheshire appearing in the upper-lefthand corner. Project To-do might just be a placeholder name for the Windows Store.

Project Cheshire, Project To-Do
Microsoft Project To-Do.


In any event, Microsoft is offering a new way to handle your everyday tasks with Project To-Do (Project Cheshire):

“Say hello to Project Cheshire. Introducing a brand new and simple, yet incredibly focused, to-do app that helps you get stuff done. Please note that we are still in the early stages of development and are working hard in the background to deliver you the best to-do app ever. Stay tuned for updates and more here.”

Whether it be Project To-do or Project Cheshire, you can head over to the Windows Store and download it today in the link below.