Microsoft profiles KC Lemson, who created the Ninja Cat

Laurent Giret

After profiling Dona Sarkar last year, Microsoft published today a profile of KC Lemson, senior director of program managers in Surface, and creator of the Ninja Cat meme. The 19-year Microsoft veteran, which describes herself as “totally socially awkward” and “a bull in a china shop” is indeed a very interesting personality.

Lemson already revealed the origin of the Microsoft Ninja cat last year: when she was working on a Powerpoint presentation about what would soon become Windows 10, she included a graphic that showed the cat standing on a unicorn and holding a flag with the Microsoft logo.

Windows 10, Anniversary update, Microsoft, Ninja Cat

The whole thing was actually inspired by the popular Welcome to the Internet meme by Jason Heuser, and it really resonated with Microsoft employees. As Lemson sums it, Ninja Cat quickly became “a visual that spoke to a sort of zeitgeist about where we were headed.”

A very creative person, Lemson has also created Bedlam, a humourous Microsoft version of the Cards Against Humanity game. “Making fun of ourselves, it’s just literally fun,” she said of the game based on inside jokes and the company’s culture. The game is currently being sold at the internal Microsoft company store, and Lemson has been using sales to raise money for charity.

KC Lemson’s Bedlam card game.

After having close to 10 different roles at Microsoft, Lemson is now a very passionate member of the Surface team. “Technology has the potential to be so cool, but if I don’t want to use it, if it’s not going to change my habits, then I don’t care,” she said. “Technology has to benefit human beings, and this company has the will and the DNA to do that.” You can follow KC Lemson on Twitter here.