Microsoft President Brad Smith continues to push for Digital Geneva Convention in recent European tour

Kit McDonald

Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith has been on the warpath against cyber crime. Over a month ago, Smith made the public call for a Digital Geneva Convention, and he hasn’t let up even as he traveled through European countries this last week. Similar to the Fourth Geneva Convention, Smith wants to see governments work together to build a battle plan for cyberspace.

In the last seven days, Brad Smith has stopped in Germany, Denmark, Poland and the UK speaking to organizations, law firms, and conventions about Microsoft’s stance. The penultimate finish to his week was an event in Brussels where Smith live-streamed the keynote address at The German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum on Saturday.

Throughout his trip through Europe, Smith has diligently shared that he truly believes that liberty can be maintained through the digital era. But the catch is, governments need to be transparent about their access and able to keep private information secure. According to the article, Smith made it clear that Microsoft hasn’t any intention to aid governments or organizations in their attacks to citizens.