Microsoft prepares to roll out Windows Store for Business

Brad Stephenson

Windows Store for Business

Very little has been heard of Microsoft’s Windows Store for Business since it was first announced back in November 2014. The proposed feature will create a separate part within the Windows Store where businesses and other organizations could distribute Windows apps to specific, targeted audiences as opposed to the general public. Examples of a practical usage for this could be a university which needs its employees to download an app relating to school schedules or policy or a company creating an app to keep co-workers up to date on clients.
While no specific release date has been confirmed, a Microsoft spokesperson has revealed that they are rolling out the Windows 10 Store for Business to Windows Insiders for testing. The official Windows Store for Business web portal has also updated recently with a host of information on the project and is now accepting new member applications and allowing users to sign in which suggests a proper launch of the service isn’t too far on the horizon.