Microsoft PR guy Frank Shaw kicks ass at making Microsoft look good

Mark Coppock

There’s no doubt that Microsoft employees have been making some waves in the technology industry lately. From CEO Satya Nadella navigating the company through some extremely choppy waters to researchers leading the way in creating brand new technologies, Microsoft is chock full of great people.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft Vice President of Corporate Communications.

Business Insider highlights another Microsoftie effective at his job. Specifically, Frank Shaw, Vice President of Corporate Communications, comes in at #3 on Business Insider’s PR 50. The list highlights the 50 most effective PR staff in the technology industry, and Shaw’s placement at #3 is a testament to how well Microsoft has managed to maneuver through some highly controversial occurrences.

Frank Shaw is the go-to PR guy for the many, many reporters who cover Microsoft and he has been for a lot of years. He’s fast to respond and can quickly navigate Microsoft’s labyrinth to find answers to any question, be it a product question or something to do with one of Microsoft’s executives. Shaw, a former Marine, joined Microsoft proper after years of doing Microsoft’s PR from its primary agency Waggener Edstrom (which now calls itself WE). If all that isn’t enough, he’s also “funny on Twitter and bakes incredible sourdough bread,” one tech editor raved.

Congratulations to Mr. Shaw, and we hope he keeps the lines of communications open. Microsoft is engaged in some pretty complicated strategic changes in its business, and there’s still lots to be done. It’s inevitable that hiccups will occur, and as site that focuses on Microsoft’s doings, we recognize the benefit of having someone at the helm who can make sure the right questions get the best answers.