Microsoft PowerToys could get a quick launcher soon

Kevin Okemwa


In the recent past, we’ve seen Microsoft add a ton of nifty features to PowerToys, for instance, the File Locksmith, settings backup, and a hosts file editor that were part of the version 0.64 release. And now, Microsoft seems to be working on a new feature, just like Windows 11’s Quick Settings launcher, this new feature will let users access utilities within the app.

PowerToys’ quick launcher will in turn make it easier for users to manage these tools, as it presents activated modules that can be accessed via the launcher. What’s more, it will present a neater and more focused general outlook of the app as it will hide the disabled modules. Here’s an illustration of how it is supposed to work:

A prototype of the upcoming quick launcher for PowerToys

Per GitHub’s specifications, here are PowerToys’ quick launcher functionalities:

  • Layout showing activated modules that can be launched using the launcher.
  • The tooltip of each module shows the activation shortcut.
  • Settings and docs can be opened.
  • Modules that are disabled will not be shown.
  • If there’s an update available, this will be shown for awareness.

The feature is still in the works, and it might be a while before it hits general availability. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.