Microsoft posts a video selfie looking back at 2013’s highlights


Microsoft posts a video selfie looking back at 2013

The selfie is something you might expect to find on Facebook or Twitter, but now Microsoft is getting in on the action as well. But rather than posting a self-portrait photo, here we have a video montage that looks back over 2013 and the achievements made by the company. Having just watched the video, I can confirm it as quite a year!

The video uses the tiled interface of Windows as its theme, and aAs each tile is tapped, another achievement is revealed. Things kick off with Windows 8.1 — 2013 was the year that Windows 8 received its welcomed upgrade — and the operating system is shown running on a variety of different devices.

Next up is Bing, quickly followed by Microsoft plans to acquire Nokia. There’s the news that the Windows Store topped 100,000 apps, and the launch the latest version of Office. Other highlights include and, of course, the launch of Xbox One.

It really has been quite a year!

Check out the video to remind yourself what a great year 2013 was for Microsoft. Apologies in advance for the rather repetitive soundtrack!

What were your Microsoft highlights?