Microsoft plans to discontinue support for Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1 next year

Michael Cottuli

If you rely on Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1 to do anything, you might want to start thinking about replacing it. Microsoft announced in a blog post today that they’re going to be discontinuing support for the service in a year – the cutoff date being January 9, 2018.

The cutting of support for the service came “after a careful analysis of market and community needs, trends, and considering what [Microsoft’s] true technology strengths are.” It accompanied an announcement that the future of cloud computing is in hybrid technology, and a successor to Windows Server 1.1 will not be immediately available.

The exact wording in the blog post is that Microsoft will be discontinuing “mainstream support” in January – not necessarily constituting a full stop. While it’s certainly not advisable to rely on the service as it goes into obsolescence, it’ll be interesting to see if anything else happens with it after 2018.