Microsoft planning to reveal Scorpio before E3, says Phil Spencer

Michael Cottuli

Most Xbox fans have been waiting for E3 to hear more about the future of Xbox, but it seems like Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is likely to get a reveal before the convention comes along. It’s not clear just what kind of reveal we can be looking forward to, but we now have a good reason to assume that we’ll be getting information sooner rather than later. The upcoming info leak was revealed on the Unlocked podcast, where Xbox boss Phil Spencer came by to talk a bit about the future and past of Xbox, including the new Xbox Game Pass.

The podcast is an hour long, and it gives us some insight into a lot of different things in the world of Xbox right now. If you don’t feel like listening to the whole thing, you can also take a look at a post written by NeoGAF’s Theorry, who compiled some of the podcast’s highlights.

It’s definitely worth listening to the podcast if you want to learn more about items such as Game Pass, or just if you want to listen to Phil Spencer speak – he’s a great spokesperson for the brand.