Microsoft permanently shuts down Microtropolis due to Hurricane Sandy


Remember Microtropolis? This was Microsoft’s way to advertise Windows 8 in New York. The idea was simple, “Microtropolis is Manhattan experienced through Windows… It creates the ultimate hands-on demonstration of Windows 8, with the city of NYC as the backdrop.” Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft as permanently closed Microtropolis.


“Our exhibit at Hudson River Park’s Pier 57 called Microtropolis is permanently closed. We are grateful to New York City and the pier for hosting us, however the unprecedented circumstances caused by hurricane Sandy have made it impossible for us to reopen again. Our hearts are with anyone who’s been affected by this storm. We hope we can all bounce back quickly and get New York moving again,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. For those that dont know, at the time of this post, a large portion of the East Coast in the United States, along with New York, is under a hurricane warning. Hurricane Sandy, as it is dubbed, is hitting the East Coast hard so it only makes sense that Microsoft keep the safety of its employees as well as citizens in mind.