Microsoft partners to launch “Accelerate your Business” program in Kenya

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has partnered with other tech giants Intel, Lenovo, and Dell to help small and medium businesses in Kenya expand their business solutions. The partnership, called Accelerate Your Business, will help Kenyan business owners learn about the solutions to existing technological problems, for a better workflow (via TechArena.)

As part of the three-month-long partnership, small and medium business owners will learn about the benefits of using Windows 10 devices. Of course, they also will learn about how to keep their businesses safe from cyber attacks and data losses, as well as learn how to use productivity tools.  Rotimi Olumide, the Windows Group Lead for Microsoft at Sub-Sahara Africa and Indian Ocean Islands put the partnership best and said:

“Microsoft is thrilled to announce this initiative with Intel, Lenovo and Dell today. Businesses now can enjoy the perfect blend between our tools and the new hardware designs from our partners. We are continuously reinventing the services that people use to be productive. We continue to extend and enhance our platforms, services and the cloud that powers them, to fit into the changing, real-world business processes that reflect how people work today as dynamic teams and groups working toward a shared outcome, with the need to collaborate and stay always connected, securely, on any device.”

According to TechArena, small and medium businesses contribute 45% to Kenya’s economy.  Let us know if you think this partnership will make a difference in Kenya by dropping us a comment below.