Microsoft is extending Text predictions in Outlook to all iOS and Android users

Rabia Noureen

Generic Outlook Bakground

Microsoft has announced that it is expanding the AI-powered text predictions feature to all Outlook mobile users. The Redmond giant is planning to begin rolling out support for text predictions to Outlook customers worldwide in late November, according to the Microsoft 365 Admin center.

With text predictions, the Outlook mobile app will be able to predict text and phrases for messages to help users type faster and with fewer mistakes. “When this update rolls out, users will see text predictions in Outlook for Android or Outlook for iOS when writing an email message. They’ll be able to swipe right to accept it or keep typing to ignore,” the company explained in a message on the Microsoft 365 Admin center.

The text predictions feature launched first on iOS back in 2020, and it’s also available on some other platforms, including Outlook on the web. As of today, this capability is limited to English-speaking customers in the US as well as Canada. This update should expand support for text predictions to Outlook mobile users outside of these regions.

Microsoft Outlook’s text prediction feature can help to reduce spelling and grammar errors, saving users a little bit of time and effort. The firm noted that text predictions will be enabled by default, but it will be up to the users to disable this option in the Account Settings.