Microsoft Outlook getting UI update for better folder navigation via Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Devesh Beri

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Microsoft has revealed via the Microsoft 365 Roadmap an upcoming update for Outlook’s user interface that will affect both the Windows app and the web version. The primary goal of this update is to enhance the user’s experience by improving the folder list’s readability and navigation. Last week, Microsoft also revealed that they have enabled real-time calendar sync for Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

There is a noteworthy modification in the way links are organized. Previously, links were grouped under folders. But now, they can be accessed through the context menu. This allows users to create new folders or subfolders by simply right-clicking on the mailbox folder. Additionally, generating a new search folder can be done by performing the same right-click action on search folders.

“Create new folder” is currently down here, as shown in the picture, before the update goes live.

Screenshot 2023 08 30 At 6.37.13 Pm

A specific identification number, 166993, has been assigned to this feature. The update was added to the roadmap on August 29, 2023. The changes primarily impact Outlook, which serves a worldwide audience through the Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) cloud instance. It’s worth noting that these UI enhancements will be available on both desktop and web platforms.

The rollout of this update is scheduled to initiate in September 2023. Notably, this rollout will encompass the General Availability and Current Channel release phases. Users of Outlook can anticipate a more streamlined and user-friendly experience as they navigate their folders and utilize search functions.