Microsoft outlines the details behind the Azure Service Fabric

Mark Coppock

Azure momentum

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service offerings represent one of the company’s harder to define solutions. Azure is a whole set of different products and services that combine to provide the “cloud-first” aspect of Microsoft’s new strategy, and for the uninitiated, Azure can be a challenge to fully comprehend.

The Azure Service Fabric is one element of the overall offering that’s just as confusing. The Azure Service Fabric is used throughout the company to bring global-scale services like Cortana, Skype for Business, and Azure SQL Databases to the millions of Microsoft users, and is thus incredibly important to the company and its customers.

At Build 2016 this week, Microsoft spent many hours talking about Azure and focusing on how cloud services will serve as the foundation of many of the company’s solutions moving forward. One session was devoted to Azure Service Fabric, and the video is embedded below.

If you’re responsible for implementing cloud services at your organization, then this video is a good place to start in better understanding Azure and the Azure Service Fabric. If you’re not, it’s likely safe enough to skip it.