Microsoft Outings, a personal travel guide app from Bing, leaks ahead of launch

Arif Bacchus

Well known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat is at it again, revealing the once-secret Microsoft Outings app for iOS and Android. The application is supposedly designed by the Bing team and is a personal travel guide meant to give users a fun way to discover new places to visit.

Although not yet officially available for download on the iOS or Android app stores, the app can be downloaded by following WalkingCat’s links. App desciptions in the linked pages reveal that Outings features high quality stories about places based on a user’s interests, and the ability to build bucket lists. Microsoft appears to be partnering with travel companies to invite them to add their content to the app. Other features can be seen below.

Outings makes planning easy by showing you all the relevant details and pictures – all in one place. Powered by curated stories and topics aggregated from travel blogs, Outings will ensure that you have a steady stream of new places to visit and can share your adventures with fellow roamers.

You can expect for Microsoft to announce the app soon, but for now those who are adventurous enough can install the app by visiting the links above. Please be warned, though, that installing unsigned apps from unknown sources can be particularly risky.