Microsoft, others to support EU hate speech code of conduct

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Logo

A new report out by the BBC is showing that tech and online giants Microsoft, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have pledged to remove hate speech within 24 hours. This pledge comes in support of a part of new code of conduct drafted by the European Union which is aimed towards limiting the spread of online abuse on social media.

As part of the pledge, Microsoft and the other companies also agree to work with groups that monitor and flag hateful content. Additionally, BBC also reports that the companies also pledge to “develop and promote ‘counter-narratives’ to challenge those who post hate speech or illegal content.”

BBC notes that under the proposed European Union code, Microsoft and the other companies will also have to “overhaul their notification systems” for faster access to reporting inappropriate content. A European Commission, though, will still hold meetings with Microsoft and the other technology companies to see what effect the code will have.