Microsoft, others partner with LG on foldable display technology

Jack Wilkinson

A new report has emerged from Etnews (via 9to5Mac) that claims LG Display has partnered with multiple businesses in the technology industry to develop foldable displays, also known as an out-foldable panel.

Some of the companies involved in the partnership include Microsoft, Apple and Google. The report also states that Microsoft, along with the other companies, are in the process of being the first buyers of the foldable displays.

It is not certain what Microsoft’s intentions with a foldable display are. We could see these displays arrive in their 2017 line-up of devices, which is rumoured to also include the Surface Phone, as many other smartphone manufacturers are jumping into the foldable display world, such as Apple and Google, making it important for future high-end phones to include foldable displays if they wish to succeed.

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