Microsoft opens Azure regions in Australia and New Zealand

Arif Bacchus

Azure Servers

Microsoft announced today they have opened up new Azure regions in Australia and New Zealand. This now means Microsoft is the only global cloud provider that is delivering cloud services designed to address the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand governments.

The cloud infrastructures in the two regions are being delivered through a partnership with Canberra Data Centres. According to Microsoft, the key element in the new Australia Center regions is the ability for Microsoft customers to “deploy their own applications and infrastructure within Canberra Data Centres directly connected via Azure ExpressRoute to Microsoft’s global network.”

This new Australia Central region is restricted to the community of Australian and New Zealand governments and critical national infrastructure sectors. Microsoft already offers Azure from Azure from three cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra with connectivity to Perth, Brisbane and Auckland in New Zealand.

Microsoft hopes that the new Azure regions can fit the needs of both Australian and New Zealand banks, utilities, transport, and telecommunications. You can learn more about today’s announcement by checking here.