Microsoft offers LinkedIn update amid its Q1 FY17 reporting

Kit McDonald

Many have been curious about Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and what was next for the popular business connection platform, especially investors. That’s probably why Microsoft felt the need to slip in an update about the purchase into the earnings report released today for the first quarter of 2017’s fiscal year.

According to a presentation slide in its FY17 Q1 earnings report, the acquisition is planned to be finished up in the next quarter. “We do not intend to update our financial guidance for any LinkedIn impact during the quarter; full access to financial records will become available to us post close,” they clarified.

After the acquisition is closed, investors will be able to keep up to date on LinkedIn’s financial status in the Productivity and Business Processes section. That’s where we’ll be able to see any of the expenses and integrations that the platform will take while transitioning into Microsoft’s hands.

The delay might be caused by Salesforce trying to toss out Microsoft’s credentials when it came to the purchase. However, the company has already filed for EU approval to antitrust regulators to approve the deal to close.

That was all the report had to offer concerning LinkedIn. Unfortunately, investors will have to wait until after next quarter to see all the numbers behind the new asset.