Microsoft to offer Windows 10 Enterprise for Azure customers

Staff Writer

Just a few days ago we reported that Microsoft was implementing user feedback into Azure cloud services, and today we learn a little more about Microsoft’s future plans. For those of you who do not know what Azure is, Azure is a cloud solution for businesses that allows companies to manage all of their IT needs for all of their employees. Through Azure, companies can collaborate on projects online with numerous tools for programing in JavaScript, Python, PHP, .Net and more.
Granted, with cloud services, users have access to company tools but Azure can do even more. Going a step future, companies have the ability to provide virtual PCs for their employees, effectively delivering a complete computer on a network that users can access remotely.
Azure has often allowed this feature with a BYOL (bring your own license) model, until now. It appears as Microsoft is poised to allow businesses to run Windows 10 Enterprise on virtual machines with Azure. What this means is companies will have the option to subscribe to Windows 10 Enterprise and deploy Window’s latest OS to virtual machines for employees. With Microsoft’s bold proclamation of 1 billion users running Windows 10 in the next few years, this seems like a step in the right direction.