Microsoft is number one for corporate cloud storage claims new report

Sean Cameron


Microsoft has been exceedingly keen in promoting Azure, its cloud service, to the wider business world. Aware that the future is shifting, Azure is intended to become an increasingly large part of the company’s main revenue stream.

And according to a new report from cloud storage provider Nasuni, as reported by Forbes, Microsoft is doing particularly well in this field. The company marked Azure as faster and more reliable than its rivals, including Amazon Web Services and Google’s various offerings.

The bi-ennial test, conducted over the space of several months, established Azure as the winner. However, Microsoft’s offering did not enjoy an easy victory, with Amazon Web Services coming a close second in most categories, even beating Azure in some areas.

As more and more in the enterprise world are choosing to shift their business into the cloud, developments like this can only help Microsoft as it helps to establish itself as top dog in the cloud game.

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