Microsoft now accepting applications for HoloLens devkits

Staff Writer


Today, Microsoft announced quite a few new products and applications including the likes of Project X-ray which shows a much more interactive experience for gaming. Microsoft has also announced the imminent release of HoloLens developer kits. MS is currently taking applications for these kits and will make them available in the first quarter of 2016. These devkits will be available for $3000.
With HoloLens, Microsoft is expected to truly expand how engineers, doctors, students, etc., interact with the real world. HoloLens, of course, runs Windows 10 as a part of Microsoft’s growing Windows ecosystem. Coupled with a slew of newly launched products, HoloLens will certainly add greater functionality and resources when coupled with the power of devices like the Surface Notebook, the Surface Pro 4, and the Lumia 950 (XL). It will be interesting to see how developers utilize this technology, creating new categories for education, productivity, and games. With that said, as developer kits are $3000, I wonder how soon consumers will be able to purchase HoloLens and for how much.
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