Microsoft notifies gamers about information they share with publishers

Arif Bacchus

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In the fallout of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica sharing scandal, many have started to worry about their privacy and what exactly is done with the data shared with companies online. Well, according to a report from GameSpot, Microsoft is now taking action and is notifying some gamers about the information the company shares with publishers on Xbox.

Though we’re not seeing this message just yet, GameSpot says Microsoft is pushing out a message to Xbox One consoles which reiterate the company’s privacy and data sharing policies. It essentially details that when you play, Xbox Live enabled games or apps, Microsoft will share your play habits and some of your information with the developer or publisher of said game or app.

That shared information includes your country, age range, Gamertag, Xbox Live Avatar, information on your Gamerscore, and how much time you’ve played the game or app. Other shared information includes social data such as club memberships; friends, other users you have played with, and information about your interactions and communications.

Importantly, it also is explained that Microsoft can not control what publishers do with that data since it is determined by their own privacy policies. Microsoft also explains that the information is only collected to help “deliver your online experiences, improve the game or app, diagnose problems, provide support, and connect you with other users.”

These privacy notifications were first hinted in a blog post last month, and have rolled out to Alpha Ring Xbox Insiders in the last round of updates. You can always stop sharing your app or game data with a developer by uninstalling the game, and revoking access. More information on Microsoft’s privacy policies is also available here.