Microsoft news recap: Xbox Series X Mini Fridges to be available to consumers, Microsoft Teams Bug Bounty Program launches, and more

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft Build scheduled for May 25 through 27, 2021

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build, has been announced for 2021, and will run from May 25 through May 27. The conference will be streamed online.

Microsoft delays the “full” reopening of its Redmond campus to September 7

The full reopening of Microsoft’s Redmond campus has been delayed to September 7. Originally, a full reopening was planned for July 6, but this has now been pushed back by 2 months, with Microsoft saying it is to allow employees to “make summer plans”.

Six stages of the COVID-19 hybrid workplace

Microsoft will make Xbox Series X Mini fridges available for Xbox fans

Following the successful win of Twitter’s “Best of Tweets Brand Bracket” competition, Microsoft is coming through on its promise to offer Xbox Series X Mini fridges to consumers. It was close between Xbox and Skittles, with a 1% difference, but ultimately, Xbox came out on top.

Microsoft snags potential $21.88 billion U.S. Army contract for HoloLens headset production

A new $21.88 billion U.S. Army contract for the production of HoloLens headsets has been snagged by Microsoft, building on its pre-existing relationship with the U.S. Army.

Microsoft Hololens 2 Army In The Field

This week in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams native notifications support is now rolling out on Windows 10

First announced back in August, Microsoft Teams has begun to roll out support for native notifications on Windows 10. Users will be able to choose between the existing notification style that is built into Teams, or to switch to the native notification system of their operating system, in this case Windows 10.

Enable Native Notifications Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Launches Teams Bug Bounty Program

Offering between $6,000 and $30,000 per security flaw, Microsoft Teams now has a Bug Bounty Program, aimed at encouraging white hat hackers to identify security flaws in Microsoft Teams and report them to Microsoft, to help bolster the security of its communication platform.

Microsoft Teams Bounty Program 1
Microsoft has launched a bounty program for its Teams communication platform.

Microsoft Teams is adding Supervised private chats for educational institutions next month

Beginning to roll out in mid-April, Microsoft Teams is adding a new Supervised private chat feature for educational institutions. Supervised chats provides an alternative to the traditional 1:1 messaging system, allowing an educator to be present to monitor the chat between individuals, which is aimed at stopping inappropriate behaviour.

Admin policy to manage Supervised chat

Microsoft Teams phones get new meeting stage, simplified sign-in experience, and more

A host of improvements have arrived for Microsoft Teams phones, including an improved sign-in experience, a new meeting experience, as well as an option to dock the call controls. The new sign-in experience in particular aims to simplify signing in, by allowing you to enter a code on another device, such as a computer or smartphone, in order to sign in.

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