Microsoft news recap: Visual Studio 2019 announced, LinkedIn shows job posting commute times, and more

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

LinkedIn job postings now include commute times via Bing Maps

Microsoft is beginning to integrate Bing Maps with LinkedIn. Job postings will now show how long it will take to commute to the job, by making use of Bing Maps’ data.

Visual Studio 2019 officially announced by Microsoft

Microsoft’s plans for Visual Studio 2019 have been unveiled, with a focus on improving speed, reliability, and making individuals and teams more productive. Focus areas include improving refactorings, navigation, and more.

Bing is updating ads policy, will ban more types of weapons ads

As ad networks enhance their policies, such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords banning cryptocurrency ads, Bing is taking further steps to limit the types of ads related to weapons that are permitted. Ads related to bb guns, paintball guns, and air rifles, will all be banned, as well as accessories that are related to the reloading process.

Bing Ads

Microsoft wants more women to return to the company after taking leave

As Microsoft battles a class-action lawsuit related to bullying and harassment within the workplace, particularly where women are concerned, the company has said that it wants more women to return to the company after having taken leave.

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