Microsoft news recap: Kinect makes a return in new Sky Glass TV, new Xbox Store on the web rolls out, and more

Jack Wilkinson

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft takes first step towards making its devices easier to repair

As the right-to-repair movement increasingly gains momentum, Microsoft has now agreed to look into how making its devices more repairable could help the environment, following an investor’s call for Microsoft to look into improving repair access.

Microsoft’s Kinect comes to Sky Glass TV with voice commands, motion gaming, and a 4K camera

Microsoft’s Kinect has made a surprise comeback, but not in relation to Xbox. Microsoft has worked with Sky on its new Sky Glass TV product, developing a new set-top camera with a number of features recognisable from the Kinect.Set for release in 2022, the smart camera is 4K and its design is reminiscent of the Kinect.

Sky glass tv with kinect-like smart camera and fitness app

Xbox announces new sneaker collaboration with adidas

A new collaboration between Xbox and adidas has resulted in the creation of a new Xbox-branded sneaker. The collaboration is designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, and the new sneakers are called the adidas Xbox 20th Forum Tech design.

The Xbox Store on the web is getting a brand new look

The web version of the Xbox Store is receiving a new look, currently rolling out, which brings the ability to add games to your wishlist, as well as launch cloud-enabled games via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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