Microsoft news recap: Chinese hackers breached email accounts of U.S. Government agencies, Windows 365 consumer edition on the cards, and more

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft set to launch affordable Windows 365, revolutionizing cloud computing

A Windows 365 subscription that’s more affordable than the existing enterprise version is set to launch in the future, which is predominantly aimed at individuals and families. It would allow people to purchase a Windows 365 subscription and be able to boot into a Windows environment, which could be a game changer as it removes some of the hardware requirements in accessing the latest edition of Windows.

affordable Windows 365

Larry Hryb, Xbox’s Major Nelson, to leave Microsoft

Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, has announced that he is leaving Microsoft after 20 years with Xbox and 22 with the company. He tweeted that he will take a step back and work on the next chapter of his career, and thanked the millions of gamers and Xbox fans who have supported him. He also expressed his appreciation for the gaming community and the Xbox team members.

The news was met with a lot of reactions from people in the gaming industry, including Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg, Sarah Bond, and even a PlayStation executive. Hryb has been one of the most recognisable faces of Xbox, hosting shows, interviewing developers, and interacting with fans. He said he will spend some time with his family and enjoy the Seattle summer before starting his new journey.

Xbox's Major Nelson

Microsoft announces new Xbox voice reporting feature to improve online gaming safety

Microsoft has announced a new voice reporting feature for Xbox that will allow users to capture a 60-second video clip of harassing or abusive chat behaviour and submit it as evidence to the Xbox Safety Team. The feature will work with thousands of games with online multiplayer voice chat, including backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles. Players have full control over what to capture and report, drawing the line on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour on the platform. Only the player can initiate the capture of the last 60 seconds of gameplay activity for content moderation purposes. This new feature is part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve online gaming safety and prevent harassment in multiplayer game voice chat.

Xbox Voice Reporting Custom

Microsoft says Chinese hackers breached email accounts of U.S. Government agencies

Microsoft has disclosed that a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group has successfully gained access to the email accounts of approximately 25 organisations, including U.S. government agencies. The hacker has also compromised the consumer accounts of individuals likely associated with the affected organisations. Microsoft has notified the affected organisations and is working with them to help them secure their systems. The company is also providing technical assistance to law enforcement agencies investigating the attack.

Linkedin Hack 2021

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