Microsoft to launch new Surface Audio app on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

In an interview with VB, Microsoft’s Mohammed Samji confirmed the existence of the rumoured Surface Audio app and explained that it would work as an optional companion to the newly announced Surface Earbuds.

Apparently, users will be able to change their preferred digital assistant from within their smart device’s native operating system settings without the app but the Surface Audio app will provide an alternative way to make this change. It was also confirmed today that the Surface Earbuds would support all major digital assistants.

What the Surface Audio app will mainly be for is for customizing audio levels, adjusting the equalizer, and changing the touch gestures. This app will also be needed to download and install firmware updates onto the Surface Earbuds and for adding new features in the future.

The Surface Audio app will eventually launch in the official app stores for Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. No release date has been announced yet, though it’s a pretty safe bet that the app will go live whenever the Surface Earbuds launch.

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