Microsoft moves, with others, to help create the Node.js Foundation

Sean Cameron


Microsoft, following the lead of many others, has moved to help create the Node.js Foundation. Redmond joins Joyent, the corporate steward of the open source project, along with Fidelity, IBM, The Linux Foundation and PayPal in the creation of this independent nonprofit open-source development organization.

The establishment of this organization is intended to advance community engagement with regards to Node.js, which is a popular runtime for low latency, high performance applications. Use-case scenarios are found across a large variety of topics, including robotics, API engines, cloud stacks and mobile websites.

Of the move, Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director of Open Source Communities at Microsoft Open Technologies, said,

“We know firsthand why Node.js is a popular choice for thousands of organizations worldwide. Forming an independent foundation of such passionate contributors and users to guide Node.js as its growth continues validates the project’s maturity and sets an open stage for more success to come.”

Having participated in the Node.js community for some time, this is an expected move from Redmond. With so many players invested, the creation of a strong governing body will help to mediate any conflicts of interest that may occur.

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