Microsoft makes it easier for developers to connect Windows 10 apps to Azure IoT Hub

Michael Cottuli

It’s hard for people without programming experience to truly relate, but writing code can be pretty complicated. Even with meticulous planning and a natural talent for writing code, slip-ups are inevitable, sometimes the damage control for those slip-ups can create a whole lot more problems. It’s in the interest of making the lives of programmers easier that Microsoft is introducing a new Visual Studio plugin: Connected Service for Azure IoT Hub.

The new plugin isn’t a huge deal to most consumers, but to people who need to use the Azure IoT Hub in their apps, the new plugin is a massive boon, and could save them a lot of time and frustration. As it stands now, people who want to connect to the Azure IoT hub need to write a whole lot of code, deal with several different variables, and find out specific API addresses to make their app work properly. With this new plugin, Microsoft is giving developers a function that’s going to deal with everything on its own – minimizing the risk of human error when setting up IoT integration.

For those unfamiliar with coding jargon, a function is a statement in a code that’s able to call upon a separate code in the blink of an eye. Essentially, the functions in this new plugin condense hours of work coding into a simple few keystrokes. Ease of use is something that is wildly appreciated among app developers who want to make sure that they’re making the best apps possible with as few loose ends as they can get away with. If you’re one such developer and you want to take advantage of the new plugin, you can grab it from  Visual Studio gallery right here.