Microsoft makes Azure IoT Suite available to everyone

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft has spent much of its Day Two keynote presentation at Build 2016 speaking about the power of its Azure Cloud platform. However, without a connection to the swath of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices in the world today, the Azure Cloud is nothing more than a buzz word to most business.

To help with connecting businesses and their IoT sensors and devices to the pools of Azure data, Microsoft has just made its Azure IoT Suite available. While Microsoft’s executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise was on stage introducing partners who have made use of the company’s Azure IoT Suite, across town at AzureCone, the company flipped the switch making it available to all customers.

Our mission is to empower every person and business on the planet to do more, and one of the most transformative trends affecting every business is the Internet of Things. We call that the Internet of Your things, and today at AzureCon, we made two announcements that will help our customers quickly and easily capture their untapped data, create new intelligence, and ultimately transform their business, including:

  • Availability of the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite: Now available to purchase, the Azure IoT Suite offers preconfigured solutions built on Microsoft’s cloud platform.
  • A new Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT Program: In order to get IoT solutions up and running quickly, Azure Certified for IoT program helps customers quickly identify hardware and software offerings verified to work with Azure IoT services.

For more details, visit Microsoft’s Internet of Things blog to find information on how the suite works, visualization tools, preconfigured solutions and certification for IoT devices.