'Microsoft Lottery' doesn't exist, Redmond warns

Sean Cameron


It is a constant battle faced by hundred of millions the world over on a daily basis: dealing with spam emails. From laughably bad attempts (offering quick and easy penis enlargement) to the significantly more professional efforts that are growing to increasingly resemble official communications, the threat is everywhere.

In a new blog post on Lumia Conversations, Microsoft has moved to counter a new development in this area that has been affecting a number of users, the so called ‘Microsoft Lottery’, which is also operating as Annual Lottery Promotions, Nokia Lumia Smartphone Promotions, or March 2015 Lottery Promotions.

There are numerous ways in which to counteract any potential attack. The first, as advised by Microsoft, is to practice caution when opening emails that seem suspect. You will never receive emails for competitions never entered, or for money not received. In many cases, a quick search will likely reveal more information, however these emails should never be opened.

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