Microsoft launches Xbox Ideas, a new site for submitting Xbox feedback, waves goodbye to Xbox Feedback

Jack Wilkinson

Xbox Feedback old site closing

In a bid that seems to take aim at there being too much feedback, Microsoft has taken the decision to close the original Xbox Feedback website, and instead launch a new one, called Xbox Ideas.

The premise of the site is the same, to submit ideas, and it is even hosted on the same platform – the sites are almost identical. The main difference is how Microsoft will manage the new site. Instead of users being able to submit any idea they want, and comment what they want, all ideas and comments will be reviewed before being published.

Additionally, the process of Microsoft looking into ideas is changing. The company now outlines the process they will use, which is as follows:

  • Idea Drive Collection: we’ll gather your ideas about a specific feature or a topic for a set period
  • Idea Drive Voting: after the Collection phase, you’ll have an opportunity to vote and comment
  • Idea Drive Completion: Feature Teams will review the results of your voting, as well as your comments

Announcing the change on the old Xbox Feedback site, Microsoft says:

As of May, 2018 you will no longer be able to submit, comment, or vote on feedback appearing on the site.

Instead, start sharing your ideas and suggestions on the new You can still find your feedback on the existing site, but this site will be shut down prior to the end of May 2018.

Why we made this change
We value fan feedback. Your suggestions are important in helping shape and deliver great gaming experiences. In order to get more timely feedback on specific gaming features or products, we are moving to a more dynamic and engaging site which will allow you to provide direct feedback on specific topics. We look forward to hearing your great ideas!

Feedback posted on the old website will not be migrated to the new one. Additionally, Xbox Ideas does not support logging-in with a Microsoft Account at this time.

Some see this as a welcome move, helping plug the hole that allowed ideas on almost everything to be submitted, while others see it as Microsoft not wanting to listen to user feedback, and instead regulating the feedback that goes public.

The new Xbox Ideas website can be found here.